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Safety of structures in the climate emergency

Top of the globe with various forms of structures on top of the globe

In the current climate emergency and the race to achieve zero emissions, we must ensure our structures remain safe as we develop and implement any climate-motivated innovation or change of approach.

CROSS-AUS Newsletter 5

A low detail 2D sketch of various types of structures, including buildings and bridges.

A Newsletter from CROSS-AUS containing reports on structural safety issues.

Collaborative Reporting for Safer Structures Australasia (CROSS-AUS)

Read about how we have improved CROSS-AUS.

Grouting of joints between load-bearing prefabricated concrete members

This report highlights the risk of failure if grouted joints between load-bearing prefabricated concrete members are not designed and installed correctly.

Failure of large aluminium composite panel

This report highlights the importance of correctly designed fixings and anchoring systems for cladding panels to buildings to minimize the risk of failure.

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