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CROSS-AUS Newsletter 6


A Newsletter from CROSS-AUS containing reports on structural safety issues.

Waterproofing exposed concrete slabs

This report highlights that water ingress into buildings continues to be a problem and discusses the role of the structural engineer when dealing with waterproofing of exposed concrete slabs. It shows how this can be achieved by careful design and detailing of the reinforced concrete structure and by close collaboration of all parties involved.

The myth of quality assurance

This report argues that to achieve the objective of good quality construction that satisfies the design intent there is no substitute for the practice of regular site inspections being conducted by the original design engineer. It questions whether there has been too much reliance on the process of quality assurance systems to the detriment of the quality of the end product.

Use of temporary barriers to control access to hazards

This report highlights the risks associated with the use of temporary barriers to control access to unsafe workplaces. It discusses the issues when scaffolding is used as a barrier, and that this should only be considered for use as a short-term temporary barrier.

The reliability of technical data for proprietary products

This report highlights the importance of verifying technical data provided by the manufacturer or supplier of proprietary products.

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