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About Collaborative Reporting for Safer Structures Australasia (CROSS-AUS)

We help professionals to make structures safer. We do this by publishing safety information based on the reports we receive and information in the public domain.

We are a trusted provider of free safety information for the built environment.


Safety information we provide

CROSS-AUS publishes structural safety information to help professionals make structures safer.

Reporting to CROSS-AUS

Your report will make a difference. It will help to create positive change and improve safety.

Meet the CROSS-AUS team

The CROSS-AUS team is responsible for managing confidential safety reports. They work alongside the voluntary CROSS-AUS Expert Panel.

CROSS-AUS Expert Panel

Our Expert Panel is at the heart of what we do. They use their experience to help you understand what can be learned from safety reports. All Members are volunteers.

How CROSS-AUS is structured

We have strict processes that ensure both the confidentiality of our safety reporting system and the quality of the information we provide.

CROSS-AUS Supporters

CROSS-AUS Supporters have a common interest in promoting structural safety and better standards in the building and construction industry.

Our international network

CROSS currently operates in the United Kingdom, Australasia and the United States. We plan to expand our international network further.

Our history

CROSS was founded in 1976. Read about how we have evolved and grown since then.

Other Australasia safety reporting systems

There are a number of other safety reporting systems for the built environment in addition to CROSS-AUS.

Get involved

CROSS is your safety community. Find out how you can get involved.

Share your knowledge

Your report will make a difference. It will help to create positive change and improve safety.

Our secure and confidential safety reporting system gives professionals the opportunity to share their experiences to help others.