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Safety information we provide

CROSS-AUS publishes structural safety information to help professionals make structures safer. You can browse through it on the safety information section of our website.

We are a trusted provider of free safety information for the built environment.


Quality information

All safety information published on the CROSS website is checked for quality by CROSS. This includes information from third party organisations.


How you can use the information

We want you to use the information on our website to make structures safer and ultimately to save lives and reduce injuries. Here are some practical ways that you can use the information:

  • As part of your continuous learning and development
  • Improve your knowledge of safety for your area of work
  • Keep up to date with emerging safety issues
  • Find out more about best practice
  • Share it with your team and others

You may use the material on our website without permission. If you would like to use or reproduce safety information from our website, we simply ask that you acknowledge us appropriately as the source of the information and that you link back to our website if possible. Please note, reproduction for commercial purposes is prohibited.


Types of safety information on our website

We publish safety information based on the reports we receive and information in the public domain.

Safety information from CROSS

CROSS Safety Reports

These are reports which have been sent to us using our confidential reporting system. Professionals who work with buildings and other structures can use our confidential reporting system. You can find out more on our reporting to CROSS-AUS page.


CROSS Safety Alerts

We publish CROSS Safety Alerts to raise awareness of safety issues which are considered to be critical and time sensitive. Alerts can be based on the reports we receive and information in the public domain.


CROSS Topic Papers

CROSS Topic Papers are similar to CROSS Safety Alerts, but are aimed at presenting safety information which is considered to be less critical and time sensitive. Topic Papers can be based on the reports we receive and information in the public domain.


CROSS Theme Pages

CROSS Theme Pages are used to present content around a particular topic.


CROSS Reviews

CROSS Reviews take the opportunity to reflect on our past work and to look to the future.


CROSS Feature Articles

These articles present information about a safety topic. They are written by CROSS.


Third party safety information

We publish safety information from third party organisations at our discretion. We do not enter in to commercial relationships with third party organisations for publishing their information.

If you would like to suggest third party safety information that could be published on the CROSS website, please contact