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CROSS-AUS Newsletter 8


A Newsletter from CROSS-AUS containing reports on structural safety issues.

Essential consideration of ‘soft hazards’ on civil and building engineering projects

A check-list for all those engaged in structural or fire engineering design.

Condition assessments of exposed lightweight canopy roofs

Defects in lightweight canopy roofs, using underslung roofing sheets in many cases.

Punching shear in concrete slabs at perimeter columns

A reporter raises concerns about the underestimation of bending moments in perimeter columns when assessing punching shear in adjacent concrete slabs. Punching shear failures can be brittle and catastrophic. Designers need to include the appropriate ultimate moment in the design actions.

Production of as-constructed drawings

The reporter is concerned about who should be responsible for producing accurate “as-constructed” drawings. The reporter’s experience is that the as-constructed drawings are typically likely to be incomplete and contain errors.

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