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CROSS-US Newsletter 4


A Newsletter from CROSS-US containing reports on structural safety issues.

CROSS-AUS Newsletter 9


A Newsletter from CROSS-AUS containing reports on structural safety issues.

Defects found in precast (prefabricated) concrete façades

The reporter found several issues when inspecting or reviewing buildings with precast concrete façades, particularly on older buildings, due to a lack of attention to durability and poor workmanship.

Inadequate modelling of existing building

An existing building suffered damage while being upgraded, which led to a more detailed inspection of the existing building’s condition. The report highlights the importance of conducting a thorough investigation and assessment of an existing building structure to ensure an understanding of how it will perform under the applied design loads, rather than relying on assumptions that may be unre...

Inadequate design and procurement of large steel roof structure

This report demonstrates the importance of following the correct process for project procurement, including preparing a detailed design and project specification, and certificating compliance with the relevant building codes. It also covers the potential consequences when shortcuts are taken.

The misuse of standard details and notes on structural drawings

This report draws attention to the excessive and incorrect use of standard details and notes on structural drawings, as well as the assumption that the builder/contractor will somehow work out the designer's intention of these on site. Inadequate or conflicting design and documentation can potentially lead to failures.

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