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Get involved

CROSS is a community of professionals who share safety information and learn from each other’s experiences.

By creating a non-judgmental community, we want to encourage as many professionals as possible to submit safety reports to CROSS. This will enable us to create positive change and improve safety.


How to get involved

  • Share safety information for others to learn from: you can do this by using our secure and confidential reporting system. Professionals who work with buildings and other structures can use our reporting system. You can find out more on our reporting to CROSS page.

  • Use the information on our website to make structures safer: here are some practical ways that you can use the information:

    • As part of your continuous learning and development

    • Improve your knowledge of safety for your area of work

    • Keep up to date with emerging safety issues

    • Find out more about best practice

    • Share it with your team and others

  • Get in touch with us if you would like to collaborate: we are always interested in exploring opportunities to work with others to make structures safer

  • Encourage others to get involved with CROSS

  • Display a CROSS poster in your workplace: we have created two posters that you can download and print off to display in your office, meeting room, construction site or elsewhere to spread the message about CROSS. The first poster explains what CROSS does and the benefit of holding an account, and the second covers submitting a report to CROSS.