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CROSS Safety Report

PV panels and structural adequacy of roofs

Report ID: 589 Published: 1 October 2016 Region: CROSS-UK

This report is over 2 years old

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A reporter raises concerns over the structural adequacy of existing roofs to accommodate PV panels.

Key Learning Outcomes

For PV panel suppliers and building owners:

  • A structural assessment should be carried out on existing roofs to ensure they can accommodate the additional loading from PV panels

  • Assessments should be carried by a person who has the relevant experience and is competent to do so

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In total over a period of a few years a reporter's firm of consulting engineers assessed approximately 25,000 domestic roofs to check their adequacy for supporting PV panels. These were carried out on the basis of existing roof information provided by the installer.

Of those investigated, between 15 and 20% were found to be structurally inadequate. In some of these instances they recommended strengthening works such as propping purlins, doubling up on rafters and other measures.

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