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CROSS Safety Report

Roof overloading

Report ID: 9 Published: 1 November 2005 Region: CROSS-UK

This report is over 2 years old

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A flat roof with parapets and internal downpipes collapsed after drainage outlets became blocked.

Key Learning Outcomes

For owners and operators:

  • Ensure regular inspections and maintenance are carried out on flat roofs where ponding is likely to occur, especially after heavy rainfall events

  • Regular inspections can help to detect safety issues which need addressing before they become hazardous

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There was a report on the collapse of a flat roof with parapets and internal downpipes. There were no overflows and the drainage outlets became blocked with leaves resulting in ponding and over-loading.

Expert Panel Comments

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An obvious problem that should not have occurred but serves as a reminder about the inherent risk from such roofs and the importance of maintenance throughout the life of a building for it to remain safe. Maintenance information should be in the health and safety file.

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