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CROSS Safety Report

Tying walls to floors in domestic properties

Report ID: 164 Published: 1 April 2011 Region: CROSS-UK

This report is over 2 years old

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A reporter provides structural ‘back-up’ to architects and raises concerns of insufficient notes being placed on drawings.

Key Learning Outcomes

For all built environment professionals:

  • It is important to recognise and know the boundaries of your expertise and work within the limits of your competence

  • Be aware that Health and Safety legislation places duties on individuals as well as companies to ensure that they do not put people at risk of harm

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A reporter provides structural ‘back-up’ to architects who design houses, and he has not experienced any architect being more specific than noting on a drawing ‘ties at 1200 c/c’, normally related to connecting floors to walls. The same architects get less costly structural support from engineers who do less drawing work, but issue A4 sheets of standard details. The reporter is concerned that until this profession of structural engineers raises its standards, there will be troubles.

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