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Bridge precursor events



The UK Bridges Board (UKBB), the Bridge Owners Forum (BOF) and the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) have come together with CROSS to highlight the importance of precursor events and encourage those in the bridges sector to report to CROSS-UK. The partnership has been endorsed by the Infrastructure Client Group (ICG).

This CROSS Theme Page will both collate content around this topic and to enable professionals to share safety issues for others to learn from.

For bridges, examples of precursors could include the unexpected failure of a bridge element, including structural support to bearings, joints and parapets, structural cracking which appears or reopens after repair, or other symptoms of distress which cannot be explained. 

Share your experiences of bridge safety issues

CROSS are seeking safety reports related to bridges to add to the knowledge hub below.

Our secure and confidential safety reporting system gives professionals the opportunity to share their experiences to help others.

Bridges knowledge hub

Corrosion concerns on a pedestrian bridge


A reporter is concerned about a pedestrian bridge that may have reduced load capacity due to corrosion at the root of cantilever supports.

Inspection and maintenance of Super-T bridge girders

Doubts exist about the durability and maintenance of bridge Super-T girders as a result of lack of access for inspection of sealed internal cavities.

Bridge component failures

A reporter raises their concerns that not enough thought is being given to structural redundancy and buildability for bridges.

Estuary bridge - failure of stainless steel tie bars


Concerns were raised after a principal inspection of a bridge found that numerous tie bars connecting the original bridge to strengthened footways had failed.

Spalling concrete falling from motorway bridge

A major infrastructure owner reports on how an incident occurred at a motorway overbridge resulting in a piece of spalling concrete falling onto the carriageway and striking a vehicle.

Brick bridge collapse


A historic bridge collapsed minutes after workers fled to safety.

Collapse of brick arch overbridge during demolition

A reporter describes a project where a flanking brick arch collapsed during the demolition of two multi-span bridges over rail lines.

Corrosion of main girder beam on bridge supporting rail lines

A hole was found in the central main girder on a bridge supporting rail line during inspection works.

Near collapse of masonry highway bridge

Works adjacent to a masonry arch bridge caused the foundations to subside and damage the bridge beyond repair.

Quality of design and construction of a major bridge structure

This report concerns the design and installation of the bridge bearing zones on a new prestressed precast concrete viaduct.

Lessons learned from the 2018 Florida bridge collapse during construction


This was a bridge of an unusual design and was being constructed in an unusual manner. The main 53m pre-stressed pre-cast concrete span truss was in position when cracks appeared at a node and over a period of almost three weeks they visibly worsened until collapse occurred.

De la Concorde bridge collapse

On 30th September 2006, the central span of the de la Concorde highway over-bridge in Laval, Canada, suddenly collapsed onto the road below causing 5 fatalities and 6 injuries.

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Our secure and confidential safety reporting system gives professionals the opportunity to share their experiences to help others.