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CROSS Topic Paper

Independent review through peer assist

Region: CROSS-UK Published: 1 January 2009


The industry does not always derive optimum value from project reviews; indeed, these are not always carried out.

The independent review has been developed to promote a more interactive and timely process tuned to the specific needs of the project team. This should lead to reduced risks, greater efficiency and an improved service for clients. It should also stimulate learning, continuous improvement and mentoring.

A model schedule for the process is given to identify the key areas to be examined by the independent review e.g. cost, occupational safety, buildability, safety margins, and how the client is to facilitate subsequent feedback documentation.

Note: this Topic Paper was published by SCOSS (Standing Committee on Structural Safety). Since March 2021, SCOSS is integrated under the name Collaborative Reporting for Safer Structures (CROSS).

Who should read this?

Principal Designers, designers, civil and structural engineers.

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