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CROSS Topic Paper

Risk management framework for ensuring robustness

Region: CROSS-UK Published: 1 March 2006


This paper describes a holistic approach to the process of ensuring robustness, utilising appropriate people, processes and products. It emphasises the need for a team approach having regard to all the stages in the structure’s life, and all the parties involved.

The concern has extended beyond interest in just the physical means of achieving adequate robustness to include the process of identifying the need for this in the first instance.

Note that the paper dates back to 2005 and whilst the principles are generally the same the practices and regulations have changed, in part due to the work of SCOSS.

Note: this Topic Paper was published by SCOSS (Standing Committee on Structural Safety). Since March 2021, SCOSS is integrated under the name Collaborative Reporting for Safer Structures (CROSS).

Who should read this?

Principal Designers, structural and civil engineers, regulators.

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