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Welcome to Collaborative Reporting for Safer Structures UK (CROSS-UK). CROSS is a confidential reporting system which allows professionals working in the built environment to report on fire and structural safety issues. These are then published anonymously to share lessons learned, create positive change, and improve safety. Find out more about the safety information we provide below.

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If you know of or have experienced a fire or structural safety concern or incident submit a report to CROSS using the secure reporting system so we can share the lessons learned. 

CROSS-UK Newsletter 71


CROSS-UK Newsletter 71 has been published and includes expert comment on fire and structural safety reports.

Painted faying surfaces leads to connections with insufficient load capacity

Painted, rather than the required unpainted connection faying surfaces, were identified by the Resident Engineer of a reporter's firm during the erection of a primary frame for a large project. The painted surfaces resulted in the connections not having sufficient load carrying capacity and necessitated remedial works.

Provision of water for firefighting

A reporter suggests that there is inadequate guidance on firefighting water provision for more complex and larger buildings.

Combination load cases in proprietary software cause concern

A reporter is concerned about a widely used software package that does not, in their opinion, generate load combinations in accordance with the Eurocodes being followed.

Failure of Firefighters lift to operate


The reporter tells of an instance when a Firefighters lift switch, located on the Fire Service Access Level (FSAL) in a multi-storey building failed to operate. After an investigation the switch was found not to have been connected.

Fire protection to structure by cavity barriers

A reporter is concerned about a potential misconception in the construction industry regarding the role of cavity barriers and the impact their design and installation can have on the structural performance of a building.

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