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Welcome to Collaborative Reporting for Safer Structures UK (CROSS-UK). CROSS is a confidential reporting system which allows professionals working in the built environment to report on fire and structural safety issues. These are then published anonymously to share lessons learned, create positive change, and improve safety. Find out more about the safety information we provide below.

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If you know of or have experienced a fire or structural safety concern or incident submit a report to CROSS using the secure reporting system so we can share the lessons learned. 

CROSS-UK Newsletter 72


CROSS-UK Newsletter 72 has been published and includes expert comment on fire and structural safety reports.

Bridge precursor events


A Theme Page to highlight the importance of, and encourage knowledge sharing on, bridge precursor events.

Dangerous alteration work results in two terraced houses being demolished


Two mid terrace properties forming four flats had been underpinned and excavated to form a new basement whilst simultaneously removing internal and rear walls. This left the building in a dangerous condition and subject to a demolition order from the local council.

Lack of fire safety competence in care home setting


A fire and rescue service is concerned about the lack of competence of maintenance personnel working in care homes. This is following two incidents where poor electrical and fire door maintenance put residents at risk.

Unqualified engineer's unsafe computer aided design of a retaining wall

A chartered engineer's check found retaining walls designed by an unqualified person, who relied solely on a computer program, to be inadequate.

Non approved sealants are used with CPVC pipes and fittings

A reporter highlights a concern when non approved sealants are used with chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) sprinkler system pipework and fittings. This can cause failures and/or leaks.

Durability issues with engineered timber


A reporter has observed durability issues with engineered timber when there is water ingress or condensation issues. It appears to disintegrate significantly more than a conventional timber, resulting in structural failure rather than distortion.

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