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CROSS Safety Alert

Structural safety of glass in balustrades

Region: CROSS-UK, CROSS-AUS, CROSS-US Published: 1 December 2019



Barriers in buildings may include balustrading, internal partitions and the external façade. Glass is commonly used as an infill or even as a structural component in all of these applications.

Balustrades can be procured from a manufacturer as a proprietary system, from component suppliers as a kit of parts, or from a traditional fabricator as a bespoke design. Each approach may apply a variety of methods for system creation and installation, which has led to numerous instances of non-compliance with BS 6180 and the building regulations.

Note: this Safety Alert was published by SCOSS (Standing Committee on Structural Safety). Since March 2021, SCOSS is integrated under the name Collaborative Reporting for Safer Structures (CROSS).

Who should read this?

Property owners, contractors, architects and designers, civil and structural engineers, building surveyors, facilities managers, maintenance organisations and anyone specifying, procuring or maintaining barriers for use in and around buildings.

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