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CROSS-US Newsletter 4


A Newsletter from CROSS-US containing reports on structural safety issues.

Partial collapse of a shopping mall roof under drifting snow

Partial collapse of a shopping mall roof under drifting snow caused by lack of building code provisions for drifting snow and poor fabrication of open web steel joists.

Erroneous design snow loading assumption for indoor sports facility causes structural distress

An indoor sports facility in a mid-western city suffered snow-related damage one winter. The shell reportedly exhibited visible deflections in several of the arches, causing the owners to close the facility.

Structural misunderstanding leads to historic church tower nearly being demolished

A historic church stands at the center of a charming town. Highlighted among many striking features is the iconic 170-foot (52m) bell tower, which looms over the town. For decades, the tower has become the centerpiece for cultural events in addition to being the original community center of worship.

CROSS-AUS Newsletter 9


A Newsletter from CROSS-AUS containing reports on structural safety issues.

CROSS-UK Newsletter 68


CROSS-UK Newsletter 68 has been published which includes expert comment on fire and structural safety reports.

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