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Collaborative Reporting for Safer Structures US (CROSS-US)

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CROSS-US Newsletter 2

A low detail 2D sketch of various types of structures, including buildings and bridges.

A Newsletter from CROSS-US containing reports on structural safety issues.

Lessons learned from the 2018 Florida bridge collapse during construction

An annotated illustration explaining the collapse of the FUI bridge in Miami.

This was a bridge of an unusual design and was being constructed in an unusual manner. The main 53m pre-stressed pre-cast concrete span truss was in position when cracks appeared at a node and over a period of almost three weeks they visibly worsened until collapse occurred.

Bottom-chord bracing for metal plate-connected wood trusses used in light-commercial applications

Concerns regarding metal plate-connected wood trusses in light-commercial construction when subject to net uplift.

Inadequate design and quality assurance on a mandatory seismic retrofit project

A tenant's structural engineer discovers widespread design and related quality problems on a mandatory seismic retrofit project.

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