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Safety of structures in the climate emergency

Top of the globe with various forms of structures on top of the globe

In the current climate emergency and the race to achieve zero emissions, we must ensure our structures remain safe as we develop and implement any climate-motivated innovation or change of approach.

CROSS-US Newsletter 3

A low detail 2D sketch of various types of structures, including buildings and bridges.

A Newsletter from CROSS-US containing reports on structural safety issues.

Collaborative Reporting for Safer Structures US (CROSS-US)

Read about how we have improved CROSS-US.

Roof collapse of warehouse structure under rainwater ponding

This report highlights the structural risk caused by rainwater ponding on relatively flat roofs.

Channel slab roof deck collapse during reroofing

This report highlights the structural risk caused by machinery during reroof a project.

Lessons learned from the 2018 Florida bridge collapse during construction

An annotated illustration explaining the collapse of the FUI bridge in Miami.

This was a bridge of an unusual design and was being constructed in an unusual manner. The main 53m pre-stressed pre-cast concrete span truss was in position when cracks appeared at a node and over a period of almost three weeks they visibly worsened until collapse occurred.

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