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Meet the CROSS-AUS team

The CROSS-AUS team is responsible for managing confidential safety reports and for disseminating safety information to help professionals make structures safer.

They work alongside the voluntary CROSS-AUS Expert Panel.


CROSS-AUS Designated People

Designated People are the members of our team who manage the confidential safety reports that CROSS-AUS receive. They are the only people who have access to the reporter’s personal information and the original information submitted as part of their report.

Read more about the responsibilities of our Designated People

The responsibilities of our Designated People include:

  • Anonymising confidential safety reports sent to CROSS-AUS before sharing the reports with others in CROSS and before publication on the CROSS website. This includes removing the reporter’s personal information and any other identifiable details in the report.

  • Communicating with individuals who have sent a safety report to CROSS-AUS while their report is being processed

  • Sending the final anonymised report back to the reporter for comments before it is published on the CROSS website

If you want to find out more about our Designated People, please contact where your email will be treated in confidence.


The CROSS-AUS team comprises the Directors of CROSS-AUS Ltd.


Brian Uy

BE(Hons) PhD CEng FIStructE MICE MIEAust

Director, CROSS-AUS Ltd

A black and white image of Brian Uy