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CROSS-UK Newsletter 62

A low detail 2D sketch of various types of structures, including buildings and bridges.

CROSS-UK Newsletter 62 has been published and includes expert comment on fire and structural safety reports.

Composite deck boards in common access balconies

A reporter informs CROSS that decking boards formed of a composite material contributed to external fire development in a block of flats and rendered the means of escape and firefighting access unusable.

Brick slips falling from height

A reporter describes cases of brick slips falling from height due to adhesive failures and considers that there is a danger to the public.

Cross-laminated timber (CLT) in multi-storey buildings

The CROSS-UK Fire Safety Expert Panel share their views about the interpretation and application of the Building Act 1984 with regards to the use of cross-laminated timber (CLT) in multi-storey buildings.

Fire compartmentation detailing issues

Photo shows single thickness fire batts that have been cut to fit around services and into openings

Two reports have been received concerning fire compartmentation detailing issues; one on the incorrect installation of fire batts and the other on the incorrect use of intumescent material.

Structural corrosion in a swimming pool building causes concern

A survey showed severe corrosion of previously repaired steelwork columns adjacent to a public swimming pool.

Safety of structures in the climate emergency

Top of the globe with various forms of structures on top of the globe

In the current climate emergency and the race to achieve zero emissions, we must ensure our structures remain safe as we develop and implement any climate-motivated innovation or change of approach.

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