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Explosive demolition of structures

Published: 11 December 2023


John Wolstenholme is a chartered civil/structural engineer with 40 years' experience in the design, construction and demolition of civil and UK nuclear structures.  This includes the use of explosive demolition techniques for complex and novel structures. He previously worked directly in the demolition industry and he is currently Principal Nuclear Specialist Inspector at the UK Office of Nuclear Regulation.


A guide to the use of Relevant Good Practice (RGP) for explosive demolition of structures

These papers represent the author's opinion on what RGP for undertaking explosive demolition of structures (including those on nuclear sites) looks like.  They were previously published in the European Federation of Explosive Engineers (EFEE) Journal.

Part 1 covers the client’s and project team’s Safety Management Systems (SMS) and aims to capture RGP that can help contractors and guide clients (including UK Nuclear Licensees) when considering CDM 2015 compliance, resources, risk balance, management arrangements and control that need to be in place as part of an effective contractor intelligent customer relationship.

Part 2 identifies how effective implementation of RGP in the management of the contracting process, the development of the technical basis, Temporary Works, proportionate method statements and the operation of those SMS bring together the technical and people-based aspects of a project to ensure that it can be delivered safely.

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